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Payday loans online? Sure, if you're ready to throw yourself into a wild world of cash crazies. Applying for payday loans online offer a glimpse into the past realm of uncontrollable finance.

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Payday Loans Online - Frontier Town

Hangin' with the olde tymers...

Why, back in my day we didn't have credit unions. We didn't have consumer rights groups and there certainly weren't any online payday loans. A man had to live by his wits! By the gravel in his gut and the bean in his noggin. Bahhh, today everyone is a cityh-slickin' sissy - wheres my money? I want security! Give me better savings or I'll take this thing corporate! No siree, gotta keep the finances wild, let that cash out to run in the fields a bit before you brings them back into toe barn.

Are payday loans online still wild Grandpa?

Of course! Now, just because we didn't have payday loans online back when I was a youngun doesn't mean we didn't want them, and it doesn't mean they wouldn't have fit in nicely with a lawless frontier society:

You give a little, you take a little - thats how it should be out here in the financial wilds. When life is easy and one person always gets the long end of the stick, someone else is getting the short end. Its the equality of these payday loans online that bring me back to those better days, and i brings a tear of joy to my withered eye to think there still remains a bastion of wild finance out there.